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Licefreee Family Size Lice Treatment Spray with Metal Comb

Say Goodbye to Lice with Licefreee Spray Family Size! Quick and Easy Lice Treatment for the Whole Family - Kills Lice, Eggs, and Super Lice on Contact!

- Family size: The 12 oz bottle of Licefreee Spray is perfect for families with multiple people who need treatment. This means that you can treat everyone in your household with just one bottle, making it an affordable and convenient option.
- Non-toxic: Licefreee Spray is a non-toxic and pesticide-free solution, making it safe for kids and adults to use. It is also gentle on your hair and scalp, so you don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals damaging your hair.

Lice infestations can be a nightmare for families, but the Licefreee Spray Family Size Lice Treatment is here to help. This easy-to-use spray kills head lice, eggs, and even super lice on contact, providing fast relief from the discomfort and embarrassment of lice. The family size 12 oz bottle contains enough treatment for multiple uses, making it a cost-effective solution for families dealing with lice. The treatment also includes a metal lice comb for easy removal of dead lice and nits. With Licefreee Spray, families can quickly and effectively get rid of lice and get back to their daily routines. Say goodbye to the stress and frustration of lice with Licefreee Spray.